The 2014 Conference will host two workshops, one on each day.

If you are a PhD student and are considering publishing your thesis upon completion, this session will give you invaluable tips. Which format should you choose? How should you write your proposal? How to revise your thesis? What does the review process entail? Drawing on years of experience as a legal publisher, Hart Publishing will give you unique advice on the publication of your PhD.

IALS librarian Lisa Davies will present the role of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies as well as the online legal research tools that have been developed by the Institute for the benefit of legal researchers all over the world (such as: BAILII, CLRT, Eagle-I, FLAG, FIT, FOGG…). She will address topics such as library services and facilities, what’s included in their collections, remote access, training and research advice offered by the IALS, and how to become a member for free.